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Битва Титанов
Mophun - Логические
Every wanted to play a puzzle game using your own pictures? This is the game for you. Take a picture using the attachable camera or download it from your PC and just import the picture into the game and you can play 2 different puzzle games based on your cat, your house, boy/girl-fiend or any of the preloaded pictures. The Jigsaw mode you have to exchange pieces until all pieces are in the correct place and in Mania Mode you have to work out how the switching logic on each level works in order to revel the entire picture.
Русский язык: нет
BlueTooth: нет
OnLine-версия: нет
3D-графика: нет
32,57 кБ, загружен 08.05.06
Битва Титанов
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