Vassil |
Пол: мужской
Логин: Vassil
Город: Сибай
Модель телефона: Android
Интересы: Клюкву люблю.МЕГАДЕТ,гитара,нехорошие девочки,всё под тёмное пиво,разумеется.
О себе: Now,one day I started telling everyone That"Killing Is My Business..."And I was hung like a martyr For "Looking Down the Cross"My "Skull Beneath The Skin" Prophesied "Last Rites/Loved To Death"my friends Then I started seeing"Bad Omens"in my head"Good Mourning/Black friday" will I "Wake up Dead"?If "I Aint Superstitious"then this won"t mean a thing But some crazy shit has happened since"The Conjuring"
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