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Леди Ночь
26 июл 2013 в 14:03
v.5.9 в загрузках

1. Support new search engine: Duckduckgo
2. Support new language: Greek
3. Rename setUA to request desktop in sidebar
4. Fix some download bugs.
Леди Ночь
4 авг 2013 в 12:26
v.5.9.1 в загрузках

1. Fix FC on some devices.
Леди Ночь
11 сен 2013 в 08:32
v.6.0 в загрузках

1. Brand new version comes with powerful Cloud Center. You may sync our bookmarks and speed dials between different devices.
2. Backup or restore bookmarks with Google Drive for local bookmark folder. Let you bring Boat Browser’s data anywhere.
3. Support Firefox sync between your PC Firefox browser and Boat Browser (Pro feature).
4. Bookmark is redesigned as local bookmark folder and Firefox bookmark folder, and old bookmarks are in local bookmark folder now.
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