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ts 27 окт 2013 в 14:26
помогите перевести на русский:
The chemist, however, uses the word to denote a class of compounds, which he defines as the products of replacing the hydrogen of an acid, wholly or in part, by a metal or a metallic radicle. Common salt is a compound which comes only to a limited extent within the terms of this definition and only to this limited extent do these two salts mean the same thing.
Sometimes, a scientist will seize a word and force it to do work for which it has no qualifications. Such is the case of a family of related words – “force”, “work”, “power” and “weight”.
In mechanics, force does not mean strength. It seems to say no more than that a force is a push or a pull, and since in physics all things must be measured it acquires, from Newton’s Law of Motion, a quantitative sense which makes it the product of mass and acceleration. This, of course, is quite different from anything that the word “force” implies in everyday use.
Stiven King
27 окт 2013 в 14:55
Это попробуй www.translate.ru/ и это translate.google.com.ua/?hl=ru
ts 27 окт 2013 в 15:22
Stiven King, google translate -выдает чепуху, по смыслу мало чего подходит, так вот и поэтому прошу помощи
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